By Kenzie


What is Boudoir?

It’s a niche of portrait photography that focuses on the intimate. It’s about vulnerability, body positivity, consent, and self-love.

And no, it’s not porn.

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Meet Kenzie

Hi! I’m McKenzie McClure, owner of Kenzie Stephens Photography, based out of Chattanooga, TN. And yep, this picture is me!

I’m a spouse, entrepreneur, sexual assault and suicide survivor, LGBTQ+ and mental health advocate.

I’ve overcame many struggles in my life, one of them being the self-hatred of my body. I can honestly say that boudoir helped me overcome that.

After having my own boudoir session in 2017, I was hooked. I decided to offer this service to all my clients.


The Boudoir Experience

When is the last time you loved yourself?

Boudoir is an experience that every person, no matter their body type, gender expression, or sexuality, needs to experience. It is an uplifting and empowering adventure that I offer, where you invest in yourself. This experience is most common with women and other feminine people, although it is open to every type of person no matter their expression.

Throughout this experience, I will help you with finding the package that’s right for you, help you choose your lingerie, and pose you throughout the whole process.



Initial Consultation and Booking

After your initial inquiry, I will schedule a consultation with you where we meet in person in my studio located in Chattanooga, TN, or we can schedule this consultation over the phone. I get to know you, your needs, and what you want to get out of the session. I go over my various packages, different payment plans, and we choose the one that’s best for you. Click learn more to schedule that consultation today.

A piece that’s in my closet - fits tons of body types!

A piece that’s in my closet - fits tons of body types!

Style Consultation

Everyone has a different body, and there are so many types of intimate clothing to choose from. I have a small client closet you can use in your session, but you are more than welcome to bring in your own lingerie or intimates.

This is where you get to show yourself off.

This is where you get to show yourself off.

Your session!

This is where we have your session! You will have your outfit and ideas for makeup ready to go before you come in, so we can get started right away. I will pose you in every photo, so you don’t have to worry about what to do on the other side of the camera. We will have tons of fun in our session!

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Luxurious Prints and Albums

Each session comes with an album you can take home with you. You get to hand pick each image that goes into the album, and album sizes vary from 6 x 6 to 12 x 12. You get to choose what color and fabric you want for your album as well.

All albums are printed professionally in a custom lab.

All albums are printed professionally in a custom lab.

Print Credit

Each package comes with a varying amount of print credit. You can use this credit to upgrade your album, spreads in the album, or buy luxury prints. Below is some examples of best-selling prints.


Metal prints

Metal prints are a beautiful keepsake for timeless images. You get to choose between matte, gloss, or lustre finish, and each metal print comes with hanging materials. Metal prints start at $100.


Mini accordions

Mini accordions are a small, pocket-sized print booklet that fold up like an accordion. You get to choose 10 of your favorite images for the accordion. Mini accordions are $200, and you receive two of them.


Session Packages

It’s time to love yourself.

Boudoir helped me love myself, and I know it will help you love yourself, too!

Clients spend an average of $1000-1200 on their boudoir session. This session is an investment in your self-image and will help you start that journey to loving your whole being.

Below are the different packages I offer.


Luxe Package

2 hours of shooting time in my studio

Access to the client closet

Two outfits

Complimentary hair and makeup

$100 in print credit

10x10 lustre album with 5 spreads included



Standard Session

1 hour of shooting time in my studio

Access to the client closet

One outfit

Complimentary hair and makeup

$50 in print credit

8x8 lustre album with 5 spreads included



Mini Session

30 minutes of shooting time in my studio

Access to the client closet

One outfit

Arrive ready

No print credit

6x6 lustre album with 10 photos


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Client Testimonials

Hear it from my clients.

Below are some client testimonials… if the above hasn’t convinced you enough.


Jessica’s session

“First off, 10/10 recommend to do boudoir shoot… with Kenzie. I walked through the door to their new studio and was super nervous. I was greeted with a smile and they talked to me as if I knew them for years. Their makeup stylist started on my makeup, and I never felt more pampered and beautiful before! Kenzie showed me exactly what poses they wanted me in. They were very professional, but also I felt as I was posing for my best friend rather than a “photographer”. They made the whole process fun and easy… Confident in my body. THAT is what Kenzie did for me.”


Kayla’s Session

“I loved having my shoot done! I was so afraid I'd feel awkward, but Kenzie was great and I would absolutely do another shoot with them in the future! I ended up with some amazing photos and it was a huge confidence booster for me!”

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Jayla’s Session

“I love what Kenzie stands for. They represent that no matter what a woman’s body type… every. single. woman is beautiful in her own skin. They just help enhance those features. When I arrived at their studio and met them, within 5 minutes all the nervousness went away. They were so calm and comforting! Their story was so inspiring to me, we shared similar struggles growing up. They knew exactly what poses to put me in to highlight my best features. When I saw the finished product, I couldn’t believe it. Women are beautiful AND sexy creatures no matter the perspective. It’s a gift. Own it!”


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